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How It Works

​Enter the streaming universe in six steps

  • Upload, encode, and prepare your content for less.

Get your film or series ready for distribution. Launchrr offers affordable flat fees for encoding*, closed captioning, legal services, localization, cloud-based asset storage, and more. That keeps your upfront costs down—and your chance of turning a healthy profit intact. 

  • Choose your revenue plan and capitalize on multiple revenue streams.

Decide whether to go with the Classic Plan or Conversion Plan for your distribution strategy. Both offer guaranteed minimums and a profit sharing percentage. But with the Conversion Plan, you’ll deploy social advertising to gain exposure—and as a result, you’ll also receive an ad revenue split.

  • Enjoy a single submission process that covers all major streamers.

Say goodbye to the hassle of submitting your content to multiple streamers, one by one. Thanks to our direct API integrations, Launchrr offers a single submission process that saves time, lowers costs, and ensures your assets meet all requirements. Simply select which streamers—and hit “submit”!

  • Get help negotiating your deal with one or more streaming platforms.

Launchrr has partnered with seasoned distribution experts who know how to get the deal done. Let us take on the negotiating process on your behalf and secure the most favorable terms possible.  We’ve successfully negotiated with every major streamer, from Netflix to Amazon to Apple.

  • Launch your content and social advertising campaign.

If you selected the Conversion Plan, it’s time to step into the pilot’s seat as the captain of your social advertising campaign.  Use our content management system to target and tweak your ads, build momentum, and own the customer relationship on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, and more. 

Target your ads using:

  • Check your earnings and trends—and optimize accordingly

Launchrr’s real-time Dashboard allows you to monitor your revenue, viewership, ad spending, ad revenue growth, and more. As takeaways emerge, optimize your ads to continually improve your results. You can also link directly to certain payroll companies for residual payments.*

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