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Launching very soon! 


We invite you to register now during our free trial period. You’ll enjoy six months of free membership, get familiar with our asset management system, and be the first to know about our official launch date

A game-changing solution for streaming distribution

Some of the key ways we’re changing the game:​

Offering a single submission process for all major streamers

Taking on the data-heavy technical aspects so you don’t have to

​Negotiating with streamers to find the best home for your projects

Transforming P&A with our innovative social advertising options

Coming soon...

Launchrr is a cloud-based content distribution platform for filmmakers and content creators. We help you successfully launch your projects into the streaming universe while tracking every dollar involved. How? First, we dramatically simplify the traditional steps and requirements, and then we provide an unprecedented ability to monitor and optimize your project’s performance.

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Programming Console

Our Features

Functionality You Will Love


Easy-to-use asset management = fewer submission headaches

Instead of filling out endless spreadsheets and searching for files, you can now securely upload all of your project’s assets and technical data to Launchrr. Everything will be stored all in one place, and you’ll have a URL that lets you to share your complete assets as needed. Plus, you can submit them to any or all streamers with just one click, knowing it’ll meet their requirements due to our direct API integrations. 


Assets that can be securely stored include:

  • Film masters

  • Trailers

  • Posters

  • Closed captions  


Real-time transparency, insights, and earning reports

Today’s content creators know how important it is to analyze the data. Visit your Dashboard to track every critical data point in real time, from revenue to viewership to demographics. With these insights, you can then better target your social advertising using our content management system. You can also link directly to certain payroll companies for residual payments due to guild members.*

*This feature is available only for payroll companies and guilds that provide direct API integrations to Launchrr.


Built-in social advertising that’s flexible and targeted

Just as consumers have turned to streaming platforms for movies and TV shows, advertisers have turned to social media for precise targeting. As part of our Conversion Plan, Launchrr has pioneered what we call “social P&A” to gain exposure for your projects. We’ll help you target your ads using keywords, interests, demographics, and more, and we’ll split the ad revenue with you (70/30, 60/40, or 50/50).


Blockchain-based security for your intellectual property

Our decentralized copyright protection is based on Blockchain technology. Encrypt your assets and prevent fraud using our “chain-in-one gatekeeper solution.” It includes low-cost intellectual property rights management, end-to-end traceability and surveillance, and an immutable ledger. You will automatically have proof of evidence that you’re the creator/owner, plus secure funds distribution.

Why Launchrr
isn’t AI—and why Hollywood shouldn’t be
afraid of AI


Explore Our CONTENT DISTRIBUTION Pricing Options

Two plans to help your content take off


Stay tuned for full details on our monthly subscription plans!

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